Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser Application

Stoby’s is looking forward to helping you with your fundraising efforts. If you are interested in having a pancake breakfast at Stoby’s please read the following information and decide if this is the route for you! We provide a pancake breakfast fundraiser on Sundays only. Since we have such a high demand for fundraising opportunities, we have to ask that all fundraisers be for non-profit organizations.

For $250, Stoby’s will provide the facility, food, and equipment for the fundraiser. In addition, there will be two experienced members of our staff you will be expected to hire to supervise and help with the event. The cost of their labor is $125 each for a total of $500 to be paid on the day of the event. We occasionally have groups that for one reason or another do not show up on the day of the event – please understand our two employees came in at 5 AM and started preparing pancakes, sausage, orange juice, and turning on equipment to pre-heat etc. and will need to stay and clean up before they can go home so your organization will still owe a “no show” fee of $300 if you don’t cancel by 6 PM on Saturday. If you need to cancel please send a group text to David Stobaugh 501-472-4054 and Patti Stobaugh 501-425-7606.

You will need your staff, which typically needs to be around 8-12 people depending on how busy you will be. Your staff will be cooking, bussing tables, waiting tables, dishwashing and other misc. customer service jobs. If possible, it is a good idea to have an extra hand or two to stand outside with a sign or banner to help flag customers in.

You MUST print and presell your own tickets for the breakfast. They will be $5 per ticket for all you can eat pancakes, sausage and drinks. The KEY to a successful event is advertising and pre-selling tickets, the tickets will determine a lot of your sales as you will not have many people walking in. Stoby’s is not responsible for lack of sales, the $500 fee will still apply to cover operating costs. You and your staff will need to be at Stoby’s at 7:30 am. We will show everyone how the equipment works and what they’re job duties will be. The fundraiser will start at 8:00 am and lasts until 1:00 pm, there will be some cleaning afterward but no more than 30-45 mins. If you have any questions please contact Matthew Young 501-327-5447,

You are offering an “All you can eat breakfast” so guest may have unlimited amount of food but the following should be the initial serving amounts.
Dine-in: Two Pancakes and one piece of sausage
To-go: Three pancakes and two pieces of sausage